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Three new editions of the companys Ultra Boost shoes are a perfect fit for increasingly eco-friendly Millennial shoppers in Adidas target region of North America, the worlds largest sportswear market. The S&P Retail Select Industry Index has declined more than 2% over the same period. On average, one pair of UltraBoost shoes made of plastic debris reuse 11 plastic bottles and feature recycled laces, heeling lining and sock liner covers. In the past, Adidas says it has been successful with its eco-products, pointing out that the limited-release Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley, also made from plastic waste, was its best-selling shoe at its new store on Manhattans Fifth Avenue The sportswear company released its latest product offering as part of its larger push to become more sustainable, announcing the shoes coinciding with its latest sustainability report . In 2016, Adidas swapped its plastic bags for paper in retail stores, also promising to cut per-employee water usage and increase the amount of cotton bought from environmentally friendly sources. Footwear Makers Get Innovative Adidas latest environmentally conscious product release demonstrates the wider trend focused on innovation. Earlier this year, Adidas released 3D-printed shoes, while Reebok announced it would use futuristic liquid material and 3D drawing. Global sportswear leader Nike Inc. ( NKE ) has future-ized its sprawling megastores in order to revive retail sales, while touting personalized marathon shoes for elite athletes.

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